Have you ever used a weed vaporizer? I hadn’t until recently. To the average smoker, it seems unnecessary. Why should I vape my weed when I can roll a J and have my medication anywhere I need it? Most people I know smoke exclusively and are actually against vaping. They rattle off a couple reasons why they would never vape. The reasons are usually the same. I used to use the same reasons before I learned about the benefits and negatives of vaping. Most people only have a surface-level knowledge of vaporizers. Now that I’ve been vaping and smoking side by side for a while, I would love to share the differences I’ve perceived.

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The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

If you happen to be like everyone else I know, you have a few reasons why you prefer smoking over vaping. The first reason is usually that it’s less hassle to smoke. The next reason is that smoking conserves your bud. The last reason is usually because the effects of smoking are stronger. Let’s take a look at these to see if these are good reasons to keep a vaporizer out of your house or pocket.

1) Smoking Is Easier Than Vaping

The first reason most people have for not being open to vaping is because it’s too much hassle. In my experience, this isn’t always true. Yes, it’s true that smoking is easier sometimes, but vaping is also easier sometimes. If you have the right vaporizer, then it’s a lot easier to vape. It’s much easier to vape than to roll a joint with the majority of vaporizers on the market.

Some people may find certain types of vaporizers to be complicated. Learning how to use a balloon-style vaporizer, like the Volcano, may seem like a hassle at first but so was rolling your first joint. Most portable vaporizers are way easier than rolling up.

2) Smoking Is More Efficient

Another reason people tell me that they don’t vape is because vaping wastes too much weed. Now this one is actually pretty false all the way across the board. Vapes, in general, are actually way more efficient. To get a vaporizer that’s less efficient than smoking, you’ll have to buy the cheapest one you could possibly find. And even then there’s a chance that it’ll still be more efficient than smoking. Smoking is not very efficient at all. Any properly designed vaporizer will be more efficient than smoking a joint or a blunt. And out of the two, blunts are more efficient because they burn slower. So if you smoke joints, vaping will be much more efficient.

3) Vaporizers Don’t Hit As Hard As Smoking

This myth has already been debunked along with the second reason. If vaping is more efficient, then by definition vapes hit harder. To be more efficient means you can achieve the same effects with less weed. That means they also hit harder. However, I will give you this. The effects from vaping can feel different that the effects from smoking. It varies from vape to vape.

There are vaporizers that feel very similar to smoking, but most of them feel different. Neither is better than the other in my opinion. They both feel great. The truth of the matter is, if you started vaping first you would be saying that you don’t like smoking because the effects feel different than vaping. There’s nothing like it.

Since you started smoking first, that became your benchmark to compare everything to. I think both methods provide a nice powerful medicinal effect, but if I had to go the rest of my life without one I’d go without smoking. The effects of vapingĀ  just feel so clean. It might just be mental since I know vaping is healthier, but I prefer to vape after trying both side by side.

Continue Researching and Learning

I’ve learned a lot from the gang over at https://happyweedlife.com/ specifically. Just make sure you don’t take everything they say verbatim. It’s a blog, meaning it’s opinionated. Whenever you’re reading a blog, keep in mind who the writer is. Most blogs are not written by doctors, they’re written by your average citizens. Happy Weed Life is no different. Always take that into consideration before following the advice you read. Now that my butt is covered, I’ll admit that I actually love that blog and have followed some of their tutorials. I have cleaner pipes and better smoke sessions because of them.

For you, I’ll recommend another resource as well. Following bigger sites can be good because their content goes through more checks before it meets your eyes. The best big weed site in my opinion is https://www.leafly.com/. It’s very orderly and organized. It’s super easy to find dispensary information as well as the latest marijuana news.