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My Rick Simpson Oil Experience

There’s a not-so-new kid on the block who goes by, Rick. Rick Simpson to be exact. Mr Simpson is a pioneer in the cannabis industry and is responsible for saving countless lives. Or at least that’s how the story is told. While I do believe his story and the testimonials of others, I can’t legally restate them as factual and advise you to follow suit. That’s not fair to you or anyone else who may be looking for the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). What I can say is this, do your research on RSO and see if it’s right for you. Many people have decided to produce and use it and claim that it worked wonders for them.

Hopefully the stories are real and it works for you too. Without controlled scientific tests, I can’t vouch for RSO anymore than I can vouch for an As Seen On TV product because I saw some testimonials. I think Rick is 1,000x more credible than an As Seen On TV product, but I hope you get the point I was trying to illustrate. I have never used RSO for medical reasons, so I can’t vouch for its efficacy.


Making Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Even though I have never used RSO to cure any illness, I have made a few small batches for a patient. I only used 7g of marijuana and I made it in a mason jar. I did it on the stove top and kept the window open with a fan blowing the fumes out of the window. If you do decide to make a batch, I would strongly advise that you have the proper ventilation or make it outdoors. Making it outside is the safest way to do it. I didn’t have a lot of time to make a proper setup.

I was making RSO for a dying cancer patient on their last leg. Unfortunately, they had already given up before I made the oil. Even then, I saw improvements. His appetite came back and he exclaimed that the fast food he was eating must have been “happy food.” He said it was nasty but he couldn’t stop eating it and it made him happy.¬† The reason I say he had already given up is complicated, but I will try to explain my rationale briefly.

Why I Think He Gave Up

The patient I made the RSO for had already given up, in my opinion. He would talk about how he was “excited to cross over” and how much he missed his relatives who had already crossed over. He never spoke of wanting to be here on this earth, but rather wanting to be on the other side. When We tried to feed him healthy food, he would say, and I quote, “I don’t want any of that healthy sh**.” Also, he would constantly talk about how he was getting what he deserved for being a troubled youth.

In his mind, he was a bad kid and young adult and this was God’s way of punishing him for his sins. Of course, I didn’t believe that one bit. I don’t think cancer patients come down with cancer because they deserve it in any way, shape, or form. I think he got liver cancer due to some environmental stimuli. He had hepatitis C which is a known cause of liver cancer. Also, he was an alcoholic for two decades, which I’m sure didn’t make his liver any healthier.

Enter RSO

To say the RSO didn’t work is entirely unfair. It never had a chance. Not because he had given up, but because his wife only gave him three capsules over the course of two weeks. He should have been taking three capsules a day. She was not a big fan of them for reasons I won’t even begin to speculate. They had a troublesome relationship and fought tooth and nail all the way up to the day he died.

This is why I don’t have an RSO testimonial for you. I get a chance to fully test it out. I ended up giving all the remaining capsules away and I took one myself. I was higher than I’d ever been before in my entire life. I made these capsules really strong because I knew they had to be strong for my guy to have a fighting chance. If he was half as high as me, I’m 100% sure he enjoyed some of his final days and meals. That I can assure you.

If you are thinking of making or using RSO for medical reasons, do your research. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you but I have to keep it real on this blog. My story is not a success story, but there were many more factors than just RSO. My buddy was also on the chemo pill which took him out swiftly. His health starting declining rapidly after taking the chemo pill. We didn’t give RSO a good shot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Should You Vape or Smoke Weed

Have you ever used a weed vaporizer? I hadn’t until recently. To the average smoker, it seems unnecessary. Why should I vape my weed when I can roll a J and have my medication anywhere I need it? Most people I know smoke exclusively and are actually against vaping. They rattle off a couple reasons why they would never vape. The reasons are usually the same. I used to use the same reasons before I learned about the benefits and negatives of vaping. Most people only have a surface-level knowledge of vaporizers. Now that I’ve been vaping and smoking side by side for a while, I would love to share the differences I’ve perceived.

vaping weed

The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

If you happen to be like everyone else I know, you have a few reasons why you prefer smoking over vaping. The first reason is usually that it’s less hassle to smoke. The next reason is that smoking conserves your bud. The last reason is usually because the effects of smoking are stronger. Let’s take a look at these to see if these are good reasons to keep a vaporizer out of your house or pocket.

1) Smoking Is Easier Than Vaping

The first reason most people have for not being open to vaping is because it’s too much hassle. In my experience, this isn’t always true. Yes, it’s true that smoking is easier sometimes, but vaping is also easier sometimes. If you have the right vaporizer, then it’s a lot easier to vape. It’s much easier to vape than to roll a joint with the majority of vaporizers on the market.

Some people may find certain types of vaporizers to be complicated. Learning how to use a balloon-style vaporizer, like the Volcano, may seem like a hassle at first but so was rolling your first joint. Most portable vaporizers are way easier than rolling up.

2) Smoking Is More Efficient

Another reason people tell me that they don’t vape is because vaping wastes too much weed. Now this one is actually pretty false all the way across the board. Vapes, in general, are actually way more efficient. To get a vaporizer that’s less efficient than smoking, you’ll have to buy the cheapest one you could possibly find. And even then there’s a chance that it’ll still be more efficient than smoking. Smoking is not very efficient at all. Any properly designed vaporizer will be more efficient than smoking a joint or a blunt. And out of the two, blunts are more efficient because they burn slower. So if you smoke joints, vaping will be much more efficient.

3) Vaporizers Don’t Hit As Hard As Smoking

This myth has already been debunked along with the second reason. If vaping is more efficient, then by definition vapes hit harder. To be more efficient means you can achieve the same effects with less weed. That means they also hit harder. However, I will give you this. The effects from vaping can feel different that the effects from smoking. It varies from vape to vape.

There are vaporizers that feel very similar to smoking, but most of them feel different. Neither is better than the other in my opinion. They both feel great. The truth of the matter is, if you started vaping first you would be saying that you don’t like smoking because the effects feel different than vaping. There’s nothing like it.

Since you started smoking first, that became your benchmark to compare everything to. I think both methods provide a nice powerful medicinal effect, but if I had to go the rest of my life without one I’d go without smoking. The effects of vaping¬† just feel so clean. It might just be mental since I know vaping is healthier, but I prefer to vape after trying both side by side.

Continue Researching and Learning

I’ve learned a lot from the gang over at specifically. Just make sure you don’t take everything they say verbatim. It’s a blog, meaning it’s opinionated. Whenever you’re reading a blog, keep in mind who the writer is. Most blogs are not written by doctors, they’re written by your average citizens. Happy Weed Life is no different. Always take that into consideration before following the advice you read. Now that my butt is covered, I’ll admit that I actually love that blog and have followed some of their tutorials. I have cleaner pipes and better smoke sessions because of them.

For you, I’ll recommend another resource as well. Following bigger sites can be good because their content goes through more checks before it meets your eyes. The best big weed site in my opinion is It’s very orderly and organized. It’s super easy to find dispensary information as well as the latest marijuana news.

Best Way to Smoke Medical Marijuana

Don’t hate me for this, but the best way to smoke medically produced marijuana is to vape it. You might be ready to bunk me upside the head for several reasons, but I also have some good reasons for this post. First, let me state that I am aware of the difference between smoking and vaping. You can read my post on smoking vs vaping to see where I stand on the issue. In regards to medical marijuana specifically, I think it should be vaped rather than smoked. If you’re up for the challenge of making oil, tincture, or edibles, that’s even better. A lot of people don’t have time for that and would rather inhale it. If you’re one of those people, I think vaping is your best chance at getting the benefits of marijuana with minimal adverse effects.


Why You Should Vape Your MMJ

Medical marijuana is meant to help heal or relieve a patient of a particular condition. This is different than recreational or street marijuana. Since the purpose of MMJ is to heal or relieve, it’s smart to inhale it in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. That would be vaping if I’m not mistaken. Vaping is much cleaner than smoking. This is not debatable, it’s a fact. Smoking releases more carcinogens into the air and into your lungs. It’s not comparable to a cigarette, but compared to vaping it’s a lot. Enough that anyone looking to extract the maximum benefit and the least harm should consider vaping.

It Smells Better

Another reason you should consider vaping your MMJ is because it smells better than smoking. A term has been coined specifically for the stench that emanates from smoking weed. The stench of smoked weed has been dubbed, “reek.” Technically, “reek” has several definitions. In practice, I have only heard it used to describe the after smell of smoking weed.

The cool thing about vaping weed is that it is practically odorless. There is a slight smell that dissipates within minutes, if not seconds. When you smoke, it’s the burning/combustion that makes the smell stick to things like your hair. There is no combustion when you vape, therefore there isn’t much smell at all and it doesn’t stick to things.

Health Is The Most Important

The only reason I mentioned smell is because most medical marijuana patients don’t want to reek. If you’re a casual smoker or a hardcore stoner, you might not mind reeking. It’s definitely a benefit that is high on the list with the medical marijuana users that I know personally. My stoner friends will hotbox in a coupe, but I don’t know any MMJ users who would even consider smoking up their car. Reducing the smell of marijuana is a definite plus, but what’s most important is the health benefits.

Anytime you can reduce the harm coming into your body, that’s a good thing. In this case, you can do so without much financial strain or effort. If you want a top of the line vaporizer, that will set you back a pretty penny. But you can get a fairly good vaporizer for less than the cost of 200 rellos. If you’re a daily medical user, you will save a ton of money in the long run, which is the last benefit I’ll mention today.


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